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Aromatherapy Travel Candle - Life & Soul

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Beautifully scented, energising and reviving travel candle from Scottish WIldheart Organics.
The Life & Soul blend is an energising and awakening blend of aromatic gingerlily, refreshing cypress and Italian bergamot.
The zesty notes are beautifully combined with cedarwood, eucaluptus and clove to provide a clarifing base notes. This blend is perfect for burning in your home offices, kitchen or main living space - anytime when a boost of energy or clarity is required.

The Wildheart Organics candles are made with sustainable, clean soy and vegetable waxes and the glass can be re-used.
Wildheart Organics only use 100% natural, mostly organic, non toxic, pure essential oils in their products, and will never use "nature identical" oils, artificial perfumes or petrochemicals.
All products are handmade in Britain, are not tested on animals and do not contain products tested on animals.

Size: 90g - 18 hours burning time approx.
Material: 100% natural, non toxic vegetable wax with 10g of 100% pure essential oils. White glass container.
Care: Always trim wick to around 0.5cms at each burn - otherwise the candle will burn too quickly.
Keep away from children, pets and soft furnishings.
Never leave a candle unattended.

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