Danish nisse, pixie, elf with red or grey hat

Danish Nisse - Gnome

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One of the main Christmas characters in Danish folklore is a mischievous gnome named Nisse. Nisse would live in the lofts of old farmhouses and enjoys playing jokes, but is also being very helpful if the farmer and his family treat him well.
Nisse would generally wear grey, woolen clothes, a red hat, red stockings, and clogs.
It is still customary to leave him a bowl of rice pudding, or porridge, with butter, sugar and cinnamon on Christmas Eve to keep him sweet and prevent him from playing too many horrid jokes on the family - he can get very grumpy if the family forgets!
But usually Nisse is kind and helpful and enjoys being good to the children and helping on the farm. .

Size: 9 cm
Material: Felt

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