Little My

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I LOVE these beautiful wooden cards from Finnish Lovi. 
They are basically a card and a gorgeous wooden 3D puzzle gift in one - easy to assemble, and a beautiful eco-gift to give or to send - they fit through the letterbox too.

Little My is brave and fearless, sometimes a little bit angry, but never intentionally mean. She thinks she is so small that nothing bad can happen to her. If someone is mean, she might bite a little. Sometimes, though, My may also bite from the sheer joy of biting.

All LOVI products are manufactured in Lovi's little factory in Jääli, Northern Finland and made from Finnish birch plywood - a high-quality and sustainable material as trees felled from Finnish forests are always replaced.

All Lovi products are completely plastic free. 

Size: 8 cm
Material: Finnish birch plywood
Comes beautifully packaged with easy to follow assembly instructions. 

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