The Organic Sheep

Sheepskin Plaid - Silver

Regular price £495.00
This exceptionally soft, silky sheepskin plaid comes from Icelandic sheep, born and bred in Iceland’s clean, wild nature with minimal contact with humans. The Icelandic sheep is known for its unusually long and soft hair with natural varying colours. The Organic Sheep focus on retaining as much of the natural look of the skins as possible and use no artificial colours or chemicals in the tanning process. This gives the finest and most beautiful skins for your home.

This very large and super cosy plaid adds to ultimate luxurious feel to your bed, sofa or favourite reading chair - a sophisticated touch of nature, charm and warmth in your home. 

Sheepskin is allergy-free and environmentally friendly.

All Icelandic sheepskin comes from sheep bred for their meat - the skins are a byproduct which would otherwise go to waste.

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