Evalou Hauge 2 purple Hawaii tea towels
EvaLou Hauge

2 pcs. Hawaii Tea Towels - Purple

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Evalou is a faboulous Danish textile designer who creates top quality modern interior textiles focussing on beautiful design, natural materials and contemporary patterns which are classic enough to last as long as the product - and due to the very high quality that is a long time!
All patterns are created by two shades of the same natural colours and the patterns always originate from Evalou's love for nature. She is inspired by leaves, flowers, twigs, birds, feathers, texture and shadow. 
The design on these two t-towels are inspired by a family holiday to exotic and lush Hawaii. 
The t-towels are made in a beautiful jaquard weave which results in a two tone product. 
Size: 80cm x 50cm
Material: 100% cotton
Care: machine washable - shrinkage up to 8%

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