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Organic Aromatherapy Room Mist - Happy

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A luxury room spray will give you weeks of aromatherapy bliss,
This Happy therapeutic blend is perfect for moments when you seek uplifting and blissful moments. Heavenly, uplifting blend of rose, geranium and aromatic frankincense, this room spray will bring moments of bliss to your day. The uplifting properties of the 12 essential oils are selected to elevate your mood and spirits. This synergistic blend optimises the aromatherapy scent throw giving all the wellness benefits of an aromatherapy spa treatment. The heart is rose and geranium. Frankincense and rosewood provide mellow aromatic backdrop to this restorative blend. 
100% natural, non toxic with only pure essential oils. Each bottle contains a very generous 30 mls of pure essential oils all infused in an certified Soil Association organic grain base.
Bottles are quality round glass with silver tops, the reeds are extra black wide premium quality.

Wildheart Organics only use 100% natural, mostly organic, non toxic, pure essential oils in their products, and will never use "nature identical" oils, artificial perfumes or petrochemicals.
All products are handmade in Britain, are not tested on animals and do not contain products tested on animals.

Size: 100 ml - 8-10 weeks of uplifting aromatherapy.
Material: 100% organic, non toxic grain base with 30 ml of pure essential oils. Glass container with silver tops and black reeds

Keep away from children, pets and soft furnishings.

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