Vase, Anna Grey

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The beautiful Lindform vases are designed by Swedish designer Marita Lindholm; her inspiration coming from the Scandinavian nature with its organic tones and simple shapes. 

Lindform is a Swedish family business started on a small scale in 2007, but which has since grown to be a brand that is synomymous with Scandinavian design and qualtiy. 

The vases come in various designs, colours and textures - all gorgeous and all matching each other well, so perfect for creating a beautiful collection as design, models and colours are chosen to give harmony to the room but also to compliment each other. 
The collection contains influences from Japan, whose minimalist style matches well with Nordic design.

Clay is a porous material so please don't place the vase on a surface which is sensitive to moisture. 

Handmade ceramic vase, matt finish, inside glazed

Design: Marita Lindholm

Material: Ceramic clay - lead free.

Size: Height 12 cm

Dishwasher safe