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Mobile| Girl Bunny with Balloons | White/Purple

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Gry & Sif Felt Mobile Girl Bunny With Balloons.

Fair trade and lovingly hand-crafted in Nepal from 100 % natural wool, Gry & Sif's delightful hand-felted mobiles are full of character and charm.
The Girl Bunny With Balloons Mobile is in Gry & Sif's usual pretty, understated style and features a white bunny in a knitted lilac dress, holding a large bunch of colourful balloons and floating between rows of little white clouds.
This mobile is perfect for decorating a child's room or suspend over the bed or changing table so as to give the room a homely, Scandinavian charm and is an i
deal baby gift for boys and girls for baby showers, christenings and birthdays.

Mobiles are not only decorative, but also promote the child's motor and cognitive skills. The movement of the individual elements attracts the child's attention and their vision and motor skills are naturally stimulated and developed.

Gry & Sif is a Danish brand which represents the combination of Scandinavian design and Nepalese felt craftsmanship. The woollen universe is designed in Denmark, and uniquely handmade in Nepal from natural wool from New Zealand. It is passionate about improving their employees welfare and in 2009 Gry & Sif received Fair Trade certification from the World Fair Trade Organization. The 10 principles of Fair Trade include a fair wages, a safe working environment for the workers and respect for the environment. Gry & Sif work only with women in Nepal as studies show that the woman's income is more likely to benefit the family.

The mobile is made from sheep's wool which is a renewable, natural raw material produced without chemicals. The wool is dyed with environmentally friendly dyes, is 100% recyclable and will not release any harmful substances into the soil or water.
Please be aware that due to the hand-made nature of the products, each mobile is unique and shape and colour may vary slightly from the product photos.

The mobile should always be placed out of the reach of small children to ensure the safety of the product.

Material: 100% Pure New Zealand Wool and bamboo hoop
Size:  24 x 21 x 1cm
Colour: White, pink, purple, green

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