Citrus Burst Collection | 10 Soy Wax Melts

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Citrus Burst Collection - A mixture of the most zingy, uplifting fragrances. 

Includes 2 each of the following: Lemon & Pine, Spiced Orange, Bergamot Verbena, Orange Lime & Basil and Jasmine & Lime. 

I looked for a wax melt producer I was happy to sell in the shop for around 3 years and eventually stumbled across Freckleface whose products I can 100% vouch for - I am so happy to sell them and they are incredibly popular.

All Freckleface products are handmade in the UK by Freckleface who strive to create products that are as natural and as environmentally friendly as possible. The packaging is completely plastic-free and recyclable and the products are all vegan and not tested on animals. Freckleface
 use only soya wax and fragrance without toxins or paraffins.
The products are a mix of essential oils and synthetic fragrance, but they aren't toxic to the environment or people/animals. The wax is responsibly sourced and local produce is used where possible, including the botanical toppings.

Each wax melt has a fragrance time of at least 20 hours and incredible throw power that will fill the room.

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