Poppy vases | Set of 3

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Beautiful set of 3 mini vases from Danish Kahler.

Hammerhøi Poppy is a modern floral tableware decorated with the beautiful poppy. The decorations are created by artist Rikke Jacobsen, who uses both the stem, the first buds and the poppy flower in full bloom. With stunning detail, the poppies wrap around the collection. The fine miniature vases comes as 3-pack and each have its own unique shape and unique expression. The poppies decorate two of the vases, while the third is monochrome pink in the same feminine hue as the petals of the poppies.

Comes gift boxed. 

Sizes: H 5.5cm - H6.5cm - H 8.5cm
Material: Porcelain
Design: Hans-Christian Bauer
Decorations: Rikke Jacobsen

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