Spirit of the North: Cocktail Recipes & Stories from Scandinavia
Selma Slabiak

Spirit of the North: Cocktail Recipes & Stories from Scandinavia

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Star mixologist Selma Slabiak celebrates her Danish heritage by combining her personal and professional ethos for conviviality and togetherness with her expert knowledge of foraging to present inventive drink and cocktail recipes in one gorgeous book. Slabiak shares her expertise and finesse, layering familiar and unusual flavours and ingredients, along with Scandinavian traditions and stories from her childhood in Denmark, in this inspiring, delicious, and original recipe book of Nordic-based cocktails
Born and raised in Denmark, Selma Slabiak came to New York in 2007 to make a name for herself in the cocktail world. Since then, she has been Head Bartender at acclaimed Michelin-starred Nordic restaurant, Aska, overseeing the innovative bar program. With other stints at Donna Cocktail Club and various esteemed cocktail bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
She shares her love of nature and storytelling through her medium of choice - the mixed drink. 80 colour photographs and illustration
Hardback - 160 pages

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